• Image of Vinyl subscription
  • Image of Vinyl subscription

Response to the packaging and sound of the first instalment in the X-Ray Records series has been so positive that we've decided to make the vinyl available on subscription - much like the tape series.

All records are pressed on high-quality 180g heavyweight frosted-clear vinyl, which boasts vastly superior sound to standard clear vinyl. The artwork for all releases is screenprinted either onto the PVC wallet or onto the vinyl itself. When held up to the light the images form a photographic negative.

These are very special items! We have put a lot of work into designing the packaging and making sure all the details are just right. They genuinely look like nothing else out there.

In that sense, these records are very appropriate to the music of our artists, which also sounds like nothing else out there.

For just £39.99 you will receive the Jute Gyte - The Sparrow LP and the next three records in the series.